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Theresa Coey
Bright, energetic, and bold, Theresa has been with Sonoma Tilemakers since its genesis and has pioneered the expansion of the dealer network from a mere handful to more than 400 showrooms. Theresa relishes the challenges of each day and embraces the myriad of surprises that inevitably come her way. She and Co-Creative Director Lisa Dannecker set the artistic and strategic direction for Sonoma Tilemakers, where they oversee all the product development and selection. Blessed with acute business savvy, keen market intuition, and a strong belief in the limitless potential of ‘what if?’ Theresa has a true passion for handcrafted products from around the world. As if that weren’t enough, she also leads the business development, sales and customer service teams. Theresa is crazy about her kids, and also enjoys tennis, boating and golf. Reliable culinary sources report she is also an amazing cook.

Lisa Dannecker
Lisa brings a sharp wit, discriminating eye, and unrivaled attention for detail to her work at Sonoma Tilemakers. She possesses a head for business, shaped at The Wharton School, complemented by the soul of an artist. Together with Theresa, they are the Co-Creative Directors of Sonoma Tilemakers, where they oversee all the product development and selection. Lisa views tile, stone and glass, not as separate decorative accents, but as an organic part of any environment. She is a big picture thinker, and is continually developing new strategies to grow and strengthen the Sonoma brand throughout its vast dealer network. Donning her business hat, Lisa also leads the merchandising, marketing, and global purchasing departments. An accomplished photographer, she enjoys art, yoga, travel, her home and loves spending time with her young son Liam. Lisa will also share her talent for birdcalls on the right occasion ­-- and with the right wine.

Jon Gray
Admittedly driven and refreshingly candid, Jon landed in the tile business in the mid-nineties and never looked back. A graduate of The Wharton School, Jon has just about the best analytical and operating skills in the industry. With intimate knowledge of all facets of the company, Jon assumes direction for production, finance, technology and operations. He believes in the collective power of this remarkable team and engages his keen analytical and operational skills to continually craft the business infrastructure of Sonoma Tilemakers. Known to all as a straight and no-nonsense businessman, Jon has an enticingly secret side he assiduously keeps from the public, that of nice guy. When he is not at the factory, Jon loves travel (Italy in particular), tennis, wine and golf. Word is he’s even nice on the golf course.