As Classic Blue (Pantone’s color of the year for 2020) continues to be a bold and popular design choice, we expect to see the trend continue. Already a favorite, our collections answer the call. What’s your shade?

Take a look at these interiors that make the most out of the bold blue shade:

SPECIFIED MATERIAL: Stellar Caicos in Azure
USAGE: Bathrooms Vanity
CREDIT: Anne Rae Design / Jennifer Siegwart Photography

SPECIFIED MATERIAL: Euphoria 3 x 9 in Thunder Road

SPECIFIED MATERIAL: Stellar 2 x 8 in Azure
USAGE: Dog Bath, Laundry Room
CREDIT: Dina Bandman Interiors / Christopher Stark Photography

SPECIFIED MATERIAL: Stellar 2 x 4 in Spindrift
USAGE: Kitchen Backsplash
CREDIT: Story Hill Renovations, Ryan Hainey Photography

SPECIFIED MATERIAL: Stellar Chevy in Fontainebleau
USAGE: Shower Surround
CREDIT: Stephen Young Design, The Fine Line – Chicago

SPECIFIED MATERIAL: Vihara Swish in Bodhi Iridescent

SPECIFIED MATERIAL: Stellar Aria in Fontainebleu
USAGE: Kitchen Backsplash
CREDIT: Jacque Christensen Design / Erin Giannangelo Photography

SPECIFIED MATERIAL: Stellar Chevy (Left and Right) in Fontainebleau
USAGE: Bathroom Shower / Surround
CREDIT: Parker Jones Interior, The Fine Line – Chicago

SPECIFIED MATERIAL: Stellar Dahlia in Azure