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6 x 12 in Quadrata / Credit: John Bessler, Zanelli Tavern


Field Tile

Color Palette


Our stones are suitable for all interior residential applications. This includes interior walls, shower walls, and light-use counters and floors. Commercial applications are typically limited to interior vertical applications and some light traffic floors. Tessuto, Gray Flannel and Teakwood are not recommended for any horizontal surfaces where water will accumulate or exterior applications.


Stone is a natural product and no two pieces are ever the same.  The patina and color range of each stone is the result of millions of years of geologic change and mineral composition. Sonoma Stones are sourced from the finest suppliers in the world, yet there is no guarantee when it comes to the unique natural variations you will see from piece to piece. There is variation in color, texture, movement and veining that are impossible to show in a photograph or individual piece. Once blended and properly installed, the resulting variation is what defines the unsurpassed beauty of natural stone.

Special Notes

*Gray Flannel/Tessuto/Teakwood: We do not recommend these stones for horizontal applications where water can accumulate. These stones have a high salt content, which may lead to efflorescence (salt materials to come to the surface and crystallize). This is a naturally occurring process and common to some stones. We recommend setting these stones with a low water adhesive such as latex thin set. Also, prior to sealing with a penetrating sealer, allow the stone to fully breathe and dry out. This minimizes the effects of efflorescence, but is no guarantee to have none at all. In some cases the efflorescence can be rubbed off with a light damp cloth or very fine abrasive (grain 320 or 400), or it may need to be rehoned.

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